personal injury

If you have been physically or emotionally injured, you need an attorney versed in personal injury law.

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social security disability

With each paycheck, workers automatically pay FICA withholding taxes. Those taxes fund disability benefits through the Social Security Administration ...

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workers compensation

Injuries can be devastating for workers and their families – sometimes ending a job or a career. Current Michigan Workers’ Compensation law ...

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Why clients choose the Grand Rapids accident attorneys at Reamon Fotieo & House, PC.


There are no shortcuts to winning. Complex cases require extensive experience and rolled up sleeves. With more than 100 years combined experience, our Grand Rapids accident lawyers have mastered the medical and technical expertise necessary to be successful in catastrophic injury cases.


Our opponents are formidable. Corporations and insurance companies are armed with unlimited resources to defend themselves. Many law firms can’t meet this challenge. Complex injury cases are referred to our firm because we have the strength of experience and the financial resources necessary to successfully represent seriously injured clients.

Hard Work

Successful results don’t come easily. They are built with hard work upon a strong foundation of compassion and concern for our clients. Our experienced and committed Grand Rapids accident attorneys work closely with our clients, their families and medical and technical experts.